Hi, I’m Diana ūüôā

My goal for this site is to provide helpful tools for those wanting to either improve their GRE scores or become familiar with it. I am in no way an expert nor have I even taken the exam before. I am a college student looking to take it for the first time in a few months who wishes to share her experience. As a first generation college student looking to apply to a grad program, I have found myself overwhelmed with information and I hope this blog will provide comfort for those who feel just as lost. I will keep a blog with my progress as well as provide material that I find helpful. This might include flashcards I create, videos I encounter, or websites with practice questions.

What am I getting?

Aside from my longing to help other people, I believe being able to articulate¬†what I learn will help me retain the information. It’s a win-win for everyone!

What are you getting?

I have thought of an ingenious way to help you with vocabulary (and myself). I will insert new words into my blog post, bolded, so you slowly familiarize yourself with them. Although I suggest using the flashcards I create as well. ūüėČ Additionally, you will get the comfort of knowing you are not alone! I will document my entire experience, from deciding to take the GRE to the¬†actual test date. I am currently a college senior in my last semester, so I will also include ways to juggle classes with GRE prep along with my college/graduate program selection process.

Please feel free to contact me!